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Individual Therapy

Our professional therapists provide help for various emotional and mental health concerns. Our specialties include:   Therapy sessions typically last about 50 minutes and the frequency of appointments will depend on your specific treatment plan. Regular attendance is strongly recommended for the healing. When you enlist our services, you can expect to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion. We provide a warm, safe and comfortable setting and encourage you to work through issues at your own pace. But you will also be challenged and engaged -- only through hard work can we overcome the burdens of the past and look to a brighter future ahead.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Relationships should provide both partners with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, but can often end up in fighting and hurt feelings.  IGC Therapy helps couples work through their problems and address concerns to make the relationship better, no matter what stage the relationship is in.   There's no reason to wait for problems to boil over before seeking out professional advice. The greatest sources of conflict often develop at the beginning of the relationship, but they don't become apparent until it's too late. We help couples communicate positively from the get-go and avoid potential problems later on. In addition, IGC Therapy specializes in addressing the unique needs of same-sex couples. If you are in a relationship and need advice, contact us for a free consultation.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy can augment individual treatment plans, and sometimes it even replaces the one-on-one sessions completely. Group therapy provides a safe setting for real-life interaction with others. In this environment, group members can discuss their problems honestly and give each other feedback and positive reinforcement.   Groups provide a setting in which members can learn to identify, understand and express their feelings accurately with others. Led by a therapist, members are encouraged to share their thoughts openly, but at their own pace. Group therapy can provide a sense of community that greatly enhances the psychological healing process. The price of group therapy is significantly less compared to individual psychotherapy. However, group therapy is not for everyone. Please consult your therapist to find out if group therapy is right for you.
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